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Happy Friday!

I can't say TGIF because some of us work weekends, and that would be me. I have been off for three weeks which makes is even more difficult to want to return. I have spent the time cleaning, creating, and getting home repairs completed, which I won't mention, they just stress me out. . Here are a few of the things I finished this week and I have so many more in progress. Ugh. So little time it seems.

Preserved Sunflowers in a resin block:

Products used:

Art Resin for final top coat


Paperclay dishes to use as spoon rests, to hold jewelry, or as paper weights.

While these are all fun to make, I need to get back to canvas. I do love using resin, but It is messy, time consuming, and my work area has seemed to find itself in my living room and kitchen. Between the missing sheetrock from my walls, and resin bottles, masks, gloves, dried flowers, etc, etc, my house is a mess. I cannot wait to have this work done.

I have provided links to the products I used. I am not paid by any of the companies. I simply am providing them should you wish to create these or similar items.

They are available to purchase on my site.

For those of you that are at the end of your work week, enjoy your weekend. Thank you!

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