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Approximately 6 x 6 x 1/4 inch resin square. Thickness may vary depending on object being encased. This piece has a thin cork sheet backing.

Buyer is responsible for shipping cost of item to be encased to me.

Pricing subject to change based on thickness of square, object(s) being encased. Similar to this piece is $95. This includes price of shipping.

Objects color may change and appear differently once placed in resin.

Specify background color.

All resin will yellow over time. Keep away from direct sunlight. The resin is made in the US. Is heat resistant but would not recommend using as a hot plate. Resin is food safe since cured.

Resin is non-toxic resin that is safe for food contact. The heat generated from a hot mug will not damage the resin surface. However, hotter temperatures such as that produced from a frying pan or casserole dish straight from the oven may well be too hot for the resin surface, so I do not recommend coasters be used for hot plates. Clean using a damp cloth. Is recommended for use up to 120° F. Resins tend to yellow over time. Store in a dark place when not in use.

While I strive for perfection, resin can be a difficult medium with which to work. There may be bubbles, microbubbles, or dust in a piece. They do not take away from the beauty or function of the piece.

Custom resin piece 6x6 (Deposit)

  • Deposit is required prior to start of project and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Balance is due at time of completion. Price may change based on requests of client. Product will not be shipped until balance is paid in full. Custom work cannot be refunded or returned. All sales final.

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