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This measures approximately 6x6x2.5 inches. The flowers are real and were preserved using a silica sand.

I use a high quality, non-toxic resin but all resin will yellow or discolor over time so it is not recommended you place in a window or in direct Sun or UV light. Flowers may change color as well. Handle piece carefully. While resin is fully cured, handle carefully to avoid scratches or dings. Wipe with a soft cloth.

This piece is handmade, and while I take every effort to produce a perfect piece, there may be imperfections including bubbles, lint, dust, pet hair. These do not take away from the overall beauty of the piece.

Dried Flower Resin Block

  • Although I do my best to use a high quality resin for this project, all resin will yellow or discolor over time. The best way to slow down the process is by keeping away from sunlight, UV light and heat. Although the flowers have been completely dried/preserved, they may change color over time.

    To clean, use a soft cloth. Do your best to not scratch resin. While it is completely cured, it can still sustain damage.

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