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Add a bit of elegance and whimsy to your outfit with this hand dyed silk scarf. It measures approximately 15x55 inches. It is steamed then washed with a dye fixative to set the dyes. Jacquard Green Label dyes were used with a water based gutta . Sometimes the steaming process may cause some shrinkage.

All of my scarves are hand dyed. There may be small imperfections that do not take a way from the beauty or function of each piece.

This scarf is made Crepe De Chine. The "Mercedes" of the silks, Crepe de Chine is heavier and more substantial than the Habotai, with a soft, more luxurious texture. The crepe finish adds a bit of interest and has a more subtle sheen.

Puerto Rico Flag Silk Scarf

  • Your scarf was created using Jacquard Green Label dyes.

    While this scarf has been steamed, ironed,  and washed in a dye fixative, some color may still bleed. Be sure to wash separately by hand with gentle detergent and cold water only. Line dry. 

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