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Flower Preservation

Did you receive flowers for Valentine's Day that you wish to save forever? Have a wedding bouquet you wish to preserve for years to come? A memorial bouquet that you wish to remember a loved one by? You can send to a floral preservation artist to dry or do it yourself. I use wisedry silica gel crystals. They are easy to use.

✅ [ Fine Crystals < 1mm ] - Flower drying

DIY craft purpose small beaded silica gels with dust treatment, to avoid physical impacts on petals, and more healthy. Please wear mask & gloves when operating if required.

  • ✅ [ Color Indicating ] - Contains orange beads, when the orange changed to dark green, indicates the silica gel in saturation.

  • ✅ [ Reusable ] - Reactivate the silica gel using a microwave or oven until the dark green beads return to orange, then reuse as new.

  • ✅ [ Double Layer Packaging ] - Ensures the product arrives in optimal condition.

  • ✅ [ Non-toxic ] - Unlike blue silica gel, Wisedry orange silica gel is free of Cobalt Chloride (CoCl2).

Wisedry customer service is also excellent!

See the difference between air dried flowers on the left, and flowers dried in wisedry on the right. The roses were kept in the silical for 2 weeks. Each type of flower is different and drying times will vary.

I do receive a small commission for product purchased via this link.

Begin your flower preservation journey today!

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