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My First Resin Letter

I have been noticing a trend for a while now of beautifully preserved flowers encased in resin. There are different molds of all shapes, but my favorite are the letters!

I am simply amazed by these artists ability to preserve entire bridal bouquets in resin that is poured so perfectly it looks like glass.

Here you will see my first attempt in creating these gorgeous sunflowers in the letter M. I am very far from considering myself to be a master in this. This is full of bubbles, the edges need to be sanded, and I can see things that I would have done differently.

Process: You can see a list of everything I used below.

Before the flowers wilted I cut them and placed them in a large airtight container with Wisedry silica Gel crystals. I kept them in the silica for 7 days. (Detailed instructions on product package.)

Once removed from the silica, I carefully removed the crystals using a soft brush.

I prepped the mold by using the mold release spray. Once that is completely dry, I prepared my resin per instructions. There are 4 layers of resin in this mold. I added gold metallic leaf, gold acrylic paint, and petal throughout. Once the resin was cured for several days, it was carefully removed from the mold.

Once removed, your resin piece should be sanded and a topcoat of resin applied. (I have not done that yet.) I have seen videos where the “lip” created is sanded and the topcoat applied. The sides and bottom are covered with painters tape or a liquid latex to prevent resin from ruining the already shiny parts.


Here are photos of my flowers after seven days in the silica.


Products Used:

Products can be found on Amazon, product sites, or local craft stores:

Latex Gloves

Resin Supplies:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. This was a fun project and I plan to do more. I hope to perfect my technique so that my resin is flawless.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I will do my best to answer them.

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