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For the Love of Resin!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

I've been taking a break from traditional painting (just for a little while) and doing something a little different. Several years ago, at the advice of a friend, I began using resin. I had no idea how to use it. None. I bought some on Amazon that was a good price and began my resin journey. My first piece was full of mistakes. Bubbles, dust, dog hair, parts that hadn't hardened, you name it. But, after a few tries, it was near perfection. I decided I liked using resin. Yes, it's a bit messy, but I learned how to limit the mess as well.

After making several pieces using this resin, I decided I needed a resin that would be more specific to art. That's when I found ArtResin®. It was easy to use, had little smell, and was non-toxic. I could use it in my small art "studio." (Really just my son's old bedroom). I love the resin calculator on their site. It really makes it easy to determine how much product to use for your project. I hate wasting any of it. The results, as long as you follow the directions exactly, are beautiful. It is definitely a product worth using.

Anyway, here we are several years later and I have made several pieces using ArtResin®. They have been my most popular and most sold pieces.

So, I was invited to participate in an art challenge by the creators of this wonderful product. I received an email:

Your challenge.... Should you choose to accept it, is to do something creative with ArtResin.

I'll send you a complimentary 32 oz kit, and...

1- You'll create something awesome with it.

2- You'll document your experience on your website.

3- We'll share it with the ArtResin community.

You do whatever inspires you. Only one condition: After you receive the kit, you'll have 4 weeks to show us the finished product.

I accepted the challenge.



Here are progress photos of what I created. I hope you think it is awesome. I sure do!


I also used a product that I just recently found, Creative Papercla. I love to use it to create 3D pieces. I think these two products are the perfect combination.


Thank you for reading!

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