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Plein Air Painting and Stage Fright? Is there such a thing?

I was lucky enough to go on two short trips for my birthday this year. The first was to Port Aransas. I love the beach. There is something turquoise water and light sand that just makes me feel really good and helps me forget about everything else in the world. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood. Summers spent in Puerto Rico with my cousins enjoying the sun and sand. My second trip was to Ingram, TX. Where we stayed in a "tiny" house along the Guadalupe River. I love the country too, although I haven't quite gotten the nerve up to actually go in a tent, in the woods.

One of the things that I have gotten more in a habit of doing, is taking my plein air painting equipment with me. The problem is.....I hate painting where there are people. I am terrified of anyone stopping to speak to me. So, that explains why I can be found painting on a balcony a porch, alone. I fear criticism, the all too often comment, "My mom can paint like that," or "what is that supposed to be?" The questions and comments are endless. I thought I was alone in this, but I have read it is a pretty common fear amongst some plein air artists. I feel this fear has caused me to miss out on some awesome painting opportunities.

Feel free to post comments, suggestions, and experiences. What did you do to overcome any fear you had/have with plein air painting?

Thank you.


Here are some articles I found on the subject:

I bought this shirt for a friend. Maybe I should have bought one for myself too.

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