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Plein Air Painting in Corpus Christi

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Mom decided we needed to take a little trip out of San Antonio. I had several days off in a row and was able to grant her her wish. We headed to Corpus to spend a few days on the beach. We don't go in the water usually, we just love to sit on the balcony and watch and listen to the waves. It was nice. There were hardly any people around. I was able to pick a few spots to do some painting en plein air while she just sat and looked at the ocean.

In spite of social distancing rules, we were able to eat at our favorite place while in town, the Citrus Bay Bistro. We looked at art at the Art Center. We also took a walk at the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve.


Here is a peek at my supplies. I bought this Hurley back pack years ago and never used it. It’s meant for a lap top but fits my easel, paints, canvas panels, and other essentials nicely. The black bag is my tripod, and the box is my wet panel carrier; cheap, but gets the job done. Most of the supplies I use can be bought on amazon. I use the "Fly on the Wall" easel which I purchased online at the Prolific Painter. It's small and light weight. Perfect for someone who loves to paint en plein air, but doesn't do it often. It also comes with an attachment so the easel can be used on a table top. It can be quite an investment, but the joy that comes with plein air painting is unmatched. It's so different than painting indoors. I think every artist should try it.


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Thank you for looking!

Here's a little video of Corpus Bay during the Sunrise. Enjoy!

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Very well done. Thank you for sharing your art so well.

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